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1.CAS Certificate of Cutting Fruits and Vegetables from Executive Yuan

2.$ 10,000,000 product liability insurance

3.ROC Patent Certificate

4. National Excellent GSP Certification from Ministry of Economic Affairs

5. “Excellent Chain Stores Award " from Ministry of Economic Affairs' headquarters for three consecutive years

6. Raw materials are inspected and qualified by U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration FDA -.

The patented invention

Environmentally friendly patent "T-shaped Bag ."

1. Design Concept
For takeout, the cups can fit in the band of the T-shaped bag perfectly to secure the cups and the handle of the bag is easy for the customers to carry. It uses much less plastic material so it’s not only user friendly but also environmentally friendly.

2. Key Features
Easy to carry: Grab and go.
Convenient to serve: easy to put the cup in the band.
Eye catching: the unique design of bags attracts attention and better advertises our brand.
Environmental friendly: less plastic material is used, less waste and better for the environment.
Cost reduction: reduce the use of plastic bags which cuts down the cost.


Therefore, this innovation not only reduces costs, but also provides good and high efficiency. Furthermore, it advertises our brand in a most creative way with this new innovation and also expresses our concern toward the environment. In June 1993, we had the patent approval from Intellectual Property Office, so it’s another thing we focus on besides developing new drinks.

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