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The Colder, the Better! One Dollar to Challenge Your Limit!

The fierce competition the bubble tea shops are in now has turned into a creative game between the competitors especially in this cold weather. They launched delicious “Longan Red Date Tea”, Ginger Brown Sugar Tea” and “Taro Milk Tea” to suit this cold weather. On top of that, even some bubble tea brand is doing a promotion to compliment the weather! 


The well-known tea brand, Sharetea, is launching a new campaign called” Freeze Challenge”. If it cold enough, the cold drinks will be just 1 dollar to start with, quite a favorable discount. Sharetea places a thermometer in each store and when cold front comes, they encourage the customers to take the challenge. Some marketing pros reckon that it’s an original marketing plan. To take the effect of ice bucket challenge last year, they assume it will attract young people’s attention.  

” Freeze Challenge” starts from January 23rd to March 1st in all Sharetea stores. For any cold drinks that cost more than 45 dollars, you will get three different levels of discount according to the temperature. On the Taiwan main island, when it’s below 13℃, there will be 10-dollar discount. When it’s below 11℃, there will be 50% off. When it’s below 9℃, the cold drinks are only 1 dollar. For offshore Islands, different rules will apply.


If you want to get cheaper price and challenge yourself, you are welcome to Sharetea and experience this super cold sensation.  

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